Newborn Japanese Quails

Susan and I had the great opportunity to photograph some newborn Japanese quails at Stockton College. Guy Barbato, a visiting professor of biology, was conducting research to find out if the chicks can hear each other’s chirps from within their shells, and if those sounds play a part in synchronized hatching. John Rokita, who oversees Stockton’s animal lab, is caring for the hatchlings. He was kind enough to allow us to grab these images before the newborns grew too big for the camera.


JN Darling National Wildlife Refuge

Although I’m not out photographing nature often, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Recently Sue and I took some time off in Florida and visited the renowned JN Darling Refuge in Sanibel. Although mildly disappointed there were no ‘gaters spotted, we both enjoyed the therapeutic sensation of photographing it’s beautiful wildlife.

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Mike Cagno for Lifestyle Magazine

As some of you know, I do work for ArtC on the promotion of the arts in South Jersey. We do a lot of work in conjunction with the Noyes Museum of Art in Oceanville, NJ. Their Executive Director, Mike Cagno, is overseeing the creation of an up-and-coming Arts & Culture District in Atlantic City this Summer. Part of the plan is to renovate a large parking garage which will serve as gallery space and exhibition areas for artists. Lifestyle Magazine needed a few portraits of him so we decided to use this garage as the location for the shoot.

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Blue Pig Dessert Shoot

A reshoot was recently requested as a client’s dessert menu had changed entirely prior to their catalog being published. I had to cover seven desserts with multiple looks in the two hours between lunch and dinner change. Since no food stylist was hired for this shoot, it was up to the chef and I to work together on deciding the final looks.


Some of these compositions would not be used on a typical menu; however, I liked the imagery itself and felt compelled to post it 🙂