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Mike Cagno for Lifestyle Magazine

As some of you know, I do work for ArtC on the promotion of the arts in South Jersey. We do a lot of work in conjunction with the Noyes Museum of Art in Oceanville, NJ. Their Executive Director, Mike Cagno, is overseeing the creation of an up-and-coming Arts & Culture District in Atlantic City this Summer. Part of the plan is to renovate a large parking garage which will serve as gallery space and exhibition areas for artists. Lifestyle Magazine needed a few portraits of him so we decided to use this garage as the location for the shoot.

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Pat Witt & The Barn Studio of Art

While producing a short documentary on Pat Witt and the Barn Studio of Art, ArtC needed some PR photos for the film’s promotion. During one day of filming, I went around the Barn and gathered these pics. You can see the extent of photoshopping done on the film’s poster at the end!

The premier of the film at the Levoy Theater in Millville, NJ was a huge success. You can watch the trailer below.

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Victor Grasso

I’ve had the privilege of observing painter Victor Grasso capture the visceral evolutions of coastal life and slam them onto the national scene, bringing his allure to many fans along the way. When a local gallery wanted to feature Victor’s work portraying the well-watered world which he so masterfully constructs, I was hired to take his portrait for publication in Exit Zero. I knew we had to do something underwater, and excitedly so since we could put that fancy rig to use.

Since we don’t own strobe systems for the underwater housing, 3 halogen lights were stationed around a pool to provide the adequate amount of luminosity, along with the installed pool light itself which became our backlight. Interestingly enough, the continuous light sources added a natural blur and realism to the photos, which I admired. The smell of the dead fish was not so appreciated.

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